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Funet reaches far


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Avainsanat: Funet
Luontiajankohta:  2004-07-16

The Finnish University and Research Network (Funet) was established in 1984 to connect the computer centers of the Finnish universities and to provide the researchers access to the national computing resources. From the very beginning Funet also took care of the international network connections first via Earn and later via Internet in cooperation with Nordunet. The speed of network connections has grown from 64 kbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s, in other words almost a millionfold. At the same time, the choice of network services has extended remarkably. Now it is possible to transmit live videostream for distance learning or video conference purposes or store huge amounts of data remotely. The evolving grid-technology allows transparent cooperation of internationally distributed supercomputers. Long-term Director of Funet Markus Sadeniemi and professor Raimo Kantola speak about Funet services on this video.

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