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Reliability and Performance

Simon Leinen, Anders P. Ravn, Pirkko Kuusela, Juha Oinonen


Kieli: en
Laji: video
Avainsanat: dependability, FUNET, PERT, SOA
Luontiajankohta:  2008-04-09

Dr. Kuusela presents a dependability framework for IP networks and demonstrates how it can be adapted by analysing the Funet Core network. Mr. Ravn presents an overview of a NorduNet3 project 'COSoDIS' which is exploring novel approaches to implementing and reasoning about contracts in service-oriented architectures (SOA). Mr. Leinen tells about experiences of the SWITCH and GN2 Performance Enhancement and Response Teams and gives a view for the future of PERTs.

Sisältää osana: A Dependability Case of Funet core network, Contract-Oriented Software Development for Internet Services, Tales from the PERT

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