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Measurement and Monitoring

Olav Kvittem, Jon Kåre Hellan, Stefan Liström, Steen Pedersen


Kieli: en
Laji: video
Luontiajankohta:  2008-04-09

Olav Kvittem's talk will summarize the experience the people in UNINET have with a 10Gbs DAG card and the generation of nonsampled extended flow statistics. Jon Kåre Hellan presents Multi Domain Monitoring and the perfSONAR framework and software. Lessons learned are discussed. Stefan Liström's presentation will give the listener the knowledge what to look for in tools, and what processes are important for the operation of a network. Using that knowledge will give less downtime in the network, a more advanced network and happier customers.

Sisältää osana: 10G wirespeed monitoring, Multidomain monitoring infrastructures, Tools and processes for an NREN NOC

On osa kokonaisuutta: NORDUnet 2008